Animal Farm Project script


Brendan: Good afternoon, this is Alexander Felangie and my co-host Maxamilious Denlag reporting for CNFN.

Andrew: We will be talking about the spectacular activities of Animal Farm. We will also be seeing inside scenes from North Korea and will be comparing the differences of Animal Farm and North Korea.


(Go to "Korea" and pick up newspaper from street. look at both Animal Farm and Korea paper)

Brendan: Here we are directly in North Korea right now. We are looking forward to interviewing one of North Korea’s citizens bout how their daily life is here. Here we have, your name is as I can say is Fa-ty-wu… Yes, now I want to know if you can answer my question. How is living in North Korea?... Well, that is very interesting. Now, s it unfair how…

(Get cut off by army solider starts to yell at you in Korean)

Brendan: Here you have just seen it! North Korea has censored their civilization and society from hearing about the outside world. We barely got in time to ask one simple question before the army run by the dictator of North Korea came and interfered. Here’s Alexander Felangie


Andrew: We are going live to Animal Farm to interview some of the participants in the Hen Rebellion who were not brutally murdered by the vicious dogs and also Boxer's good friend, Clover, about Boxer being sent away to the slaughterer.


Brendan: Hi, here’s Alexander Felangie on Animal Farm. From what we have been told there was no hen rebellion but from interviews, that we are not permitted to show on television, I have learned that that is not true. From this footage that we have shown, from our secret camera in one of the barns, we have learned what happened during the Hen Rebellion. Please role the footage.


(egg drops, hens giggle)

Squealer: Hey! You hens over there! Come down this instant!

(hens fly in, dogs growl)

Squealer: Dogs, get ‘em!

(dogs attack)


Andrew: We are going to the horse barn and will be interviewing Clover about the very sad event that happened to Boxer when he was sent away.

Clover: wahhh!!! It was a tragic day...we all thought that he was going to the vet to be cured, but…but we discovered that he was actually going to the slaughter house (crying) but Napoleon, leader, our great leader Napoleon, he had to go to the hospital and that he died over night by Napoleon’s side. (more crying) We have to believe master Napoleon because he, Napoleon is always right.

Andrew: Let’s go back to the barn to investigate another major news item on Animal Farm.


Brendan: This is Alexander Felangie at Animal Farm. Here we are about to look at the farm houses that contain food and other necessary supplies to survive.



Squealer: He He, they will never expect me filling the bins with sand and then putting a thin layer of grain on top.

(We come back)

Andrew: May we look in the bins now?

Squealer: yes, you can look at the bins now. You will be quite impressed, they are brimming to the top.

(Brendan opens lid)

Brendan: Wow! There is quite a bit of food in there! The bins are brimming to the top.

Andrew: Woah it is! Let’s go back to the studio


Brendan: We are here to see if there really was a murder at Animal Farm like all of the people said.
Andrew: There was apparently a huge party with both the animals of Animal Farm and also the other men from neighbouring farms. After a huge poker argument one was said to be killed.

Brendan: Apparently, the murder was done by Napoleon. If this is true, Animal Farm’s current government system could be shut down and Animal Farm as we know it will come to a halt.


Brendan: Here I am today with Old Benjamin. He says that he witnessed what happened at the party/poker game. We are now here to interview him and find out what he knows about this. What do you have to say.

Old Benjamin: well you see the pigs

(Squealer whispers in Benjamin’s ear)

Old Benjamin: well then...not what I thought...must be my memory failing me again...event thought it was only last night... well any ways...we were all standing working hard in the fields when there was laughter from inside the barn. We went in and the pigs... (Squealer whispers) being such nice animals, decided to let us join the party.

Andrew: well then Squealer, how do you explain the murder?

Squealer: well you see mister new really have no business being here but I will tell you because I do not want too much attention from the media. You see, one of the men who were playing cards was very old. He was so excited about his poker hand because he had a strait flush, that as he played his card he jumped out of his chair and had a heart attack. Master Napoleon had a Royal Flush but that is beside the point. That is why people think that we murdered him when really it was just an accident

Andrew: Look there is Napoleon now! So Napoleon, what do you think about this supposed Murder on Animal Farm?

Napoleon: No comment.


Andrew: we are back here at the studio. Wow, all of these events that happened on Animal Farm we can see how the pigs use censorship as Korea did in our previous scenes.

Brendan: yes when we tried to interview either one, somebody would interfere.

Andrew: Well that's all for tonight!

Brendan: This is Alexander Felangie and Maxamilious Denlag signing off!!