Squealer's Speech: It is all Part of the Plan
#7.At the end of the book, the pigs’ secret alliance with humans is discovered. How will the pigs explain this to the other animals? Give the speech that Napoleon or Squealer might make about why the pigs are on friendly terms with humans.

Comrades, don’t be silly. I can’t believe you would think such nonsense. We aren’t on friendly terms with the humans. It is all part of Napoleon’s plan. If we are kind to them, comrades, they won’t hurt us. We have been victorious in two battles against the humans and the Rebellion was a success. Do you remember the pain in those battles? The stinging pellets, the injuries and even the deaths. You see, comrade Napoleon has had yet another great idea. Everything we said to Frederick and Mr. Pilkington, it was all lies. We don’t want you to get hurt in another battle. We are protecting you. Do you think we enjoy talking to the humans? Leadership is not a pleasure but a responsibility. You should thank our brave and great leader, Napoleon. If he did not have this genius idea, Jones might come back. You don’t want Jones to come back, do you? We are doing well, comrades. The amount of wheat has increased by 14%, we work half as much as we did in Jones’ day and the average age of death has gone up by 5 years for every animal. You should be proud to be an important part of Animal Farm, the only farm in England that is run by animals. You are dedicated, hard workers. Do you think we would take advantage of you? We only said we do not feed you enough and make you work long hours to impress Frederick and Mr. Pilkington. I think we should celebrate the prosperity of Animal Farm, comrades. From now on, all the animals except the pigs shall wake up half an hour earlier. The pigs shall not be doing this because they need extra sleep to keep their brains strong. It is proven by science, comrades. We don’t even like sleeping. We prefer to be awake but we need to keep our brains strong. Napoleon has decided to change “death to humans” to “death to Frederick and Mr. Pilkington.” They abuse their animals and enjoy seeing them suffer. I have heard many frightening stories, comrades. Once, Frederick was so angry at his dog that he actually pushed him into the fireplace! The dog had terrible burns on his legs and desperately needed medical attention but Frederick refused to take him to the vet. Sadly, the next day, the dog passed away. Pilkington has also done some horrible things like not feeding his animals for weeks or killing his chickens for not laying enough eggs. I know this is very sad, but sadly it is true and I know nothing like this will ever happen at Animal Farm. That’s all I have to say, comrades. Remember, tomorrow you will wake up half an hour earlier and, make sure you stay away from Frederick and Mr. Pilkington.