This is the script of the Trial of the Pigs. Napoleon and Squealer are on trial and Clover questions them on their leadership.

Imagine that the animals on manor farm revolt against the pigs
Scene 1

Location: Upstairs in Mr. Jones’ house, aka the pigs’ bedroom.

The animals are having a discussion about how they think Napoleon is a bad leader. The animals are going to make the pigs go on trial.

Clover: Listen up everyone, we are going to sneak upstairs into the pigs bedroom and capture Napoleon and Squealer and put them on trial. But first we must take care of those dogs.

Benjamin: We need a plan to capture those fierce dogs, and then it will be easy to take care of Squealer and Napoleon.

Clover: I have an idea… The dogs sleep around Napoleons bed, but they have cages that Napoleon puts them in if they are acting badly. Boxer, this is very important. We have to put meat or some type of food in their cages, so they go in there. Boxer you have to hide behind the bed, and when the dogs smell the food and go inside you have to lock the cage quickly.

Boxer: I will do what Clover says!

A few minutes had past and boxer had gone inside.
Boxer came out with a smile on his face and he had Napoleon and Squealer on each side of him. Both Napoleon and Squealer had a surprised and scared face.

Napoleon: What is the meaning of this…? Waking me up this early in the morning, it better be important.

Squealer: Yes, Napoleon is a good leader and works hard he needs to have his rest.

Then Napoleon and Squealer sees all the animals glare at him.

Clover: We’ve agreed that you are acting selfish and you are not taking good care of us and being a horrible leader. What do you have to say for yourself?

Scene 2

Location: Outside on the Farm

Napoleon: Snowball is the reason for all our miseries we need the humans help to keep the farm safe from Snowball

Squealer: Napoleon has done all he could so far, now we need the humans to seal the farm from him returning to stall are progress.

Clover: That is nonsense.

Benjamin: Why do you pigs keep changing the Commandments?

Squealer: What are you talking about?

Clover: I have been recording the Commandments and every time you think something that benefits yourself and the pigs the Commandments are changed.

Squealer: I don’t know what you’re talking about?

Benjamin: I think I remember one of the old commandments, four legs good two legs bad.

Clover: Benjamin is right and humans stand on two legs

Napoleon: I don’t recall this happening.

Clover: Yes you do! Wasn’t there also a commandment that said no animal should drink beer then the pigs changed it to no animal should drink beer to an extent

Benjamin: Yes I remember that to!

Napoleon: You don’t know what you’re talking about

Clover: I have recordings of you pigs changing the Commandments!

Squealer: Alright let’s talk this out



----- The pigs set off to the trial

Scene 3

Location: Downstairs of Mr. Jones’ house, holding the Trial
The Trial of the Pigs

Boxer: This is how the trial is going to go.
The pigs, Napoleon and Squealer will be on stand, and some pigs and other animals will ask the pigs questions.

The rebel pigs: we don’t like Napoleon and Squealer, they should be abolished!

Clover: Settle down pigs, we have to question them first, and see if they are lying.

Clover: The positions in the trial will be Napoleon and Squealer as the defendants and the prosecutors will be Benjamin the jury will be made up of half pigs and half animals as for the judge I will take responsibility just like Napoleon decided to talk responsibility for our dictatorship.

Clover: Ok defendant please rise, Napoleon do you have any reason for your actions on defacing the commandments with your own wants

Squealer: Napoleon had the rights of changing the commandments he was the lead…


Squealer: I’m…sorry… don’t yell at me

Clover: Good, do not speak unless you are spoken to

Clover: The animals have been put on trial because they have been lying to us this whole time, and they have been obnoxious leaders. Whenever a tragedy occurs the pigs blame it on Snowball.

Napoleon: But it is true! Snowball never made the blueprints for the windmill and he is the one who destroyed… it

Snowball: I beg your pardon, Napoleon…?

Napoleon: Snowball… it is not… possible. How did you get away from the dogs…?

Snowball: Oh, I have my sneaky ways of escaping in those tight situations

Clover: Napoleon and Squealer you two have been lying to us since the beginning of Animal Farm. We have been in contact with Snowball since you abolished him. He has never some close to the farm until today

Clover: The animals have discussed that you Napoleon and you Squealer are going to be abolished from the farm and are never invited back; we also determined that Snowball is our new leader!

All the animals cheered.

Boxer picked up Napoleon and Squealer through them in the air and kicked them with his hind legs.

There was much more happiness in the farm after Napoleon and Squealer were kicked out, all the animals had been happier and received more food than ever before. They completed the windmill and they did less work and received more food. The End