The Best Guide for animal Farm Animals

- Napolean is leader of the farm after old major died. I think that he should have not been the leader of the farm, for many reasons. He is very greedy to all the other animals, but also very smart. For example you changed the commandment to, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal.” Napolean uses censorship by not telling anything to the other animals about Animal Farm, which they do not know. Napolean wanted to make his life easier; he did no care about any of the other animals. He still managed to take over the farm with the help of Squealer. Napolean also uses propaganda and censorship. Napolean never tells the animals anything about the farm and if he did he told the wrong thing. Napolean changed the history. He would tell everything to Squealer and Squealer would tell the animals. Napolean would come up with all the ideas, he is the smart guy.

Boxer - is strong but not very smart. He has two sayings: “I will work harder,” and “Napoleon is always right”. He feels that when ever something needs to be done, it is him who should do it. For example, he is always working on the windmill and he even asks to be woken up earlier than all of the others. They also don’t object to him being woken up so early and just let him work because it will benefit them. He is almost like a helper to Squealer without knowing it because he is always saying, “Napoleon is always right,” and this is the main message that Squealer attempts distributes among the animals. I feel that the pigs should treat him with more respect like the rest of the farm does because he has done so much to help build the farm to what it is now with the windmill and they still tell them what to do. If he was smarter, he would have figured out that the pigs are using him. It is sad because Boxer never knows what is going on at the farm, he is so clueless. Without boxer and all his hard work there would have never been an Animal Farm.

Squealer – Squealer is a rhetoric speaker and a follower. Squealer is rhetoric by telling everybody that the pigs need the milk and apples because they are so smart. He says this because the pigs and he want to eat. Squealer is a follower. He always follows Napolean and helps him to take over the farm. Squealer does the dirty work for Napolean. Squealer talks for him. Whatever Napolean told Squealer, Squealer would tell the rest of the animals. Napolean came up with all the ideas about changing history. Squealer is just a follower.

Snowball - There is one pig that wants to make the farm better, his name is Snowball. He is remembered as a hero. I think that Snowball should have been the leader of Animal Farm, not Napolean. Snowball kept on trying to help the farm but Napolean chased him away so he could not make the farm as good as Snowball wanted. Snowball made the commandant,” all animals are equal.” This was the right commandment to make but Napolean changes it to,” all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” This commandant that Napolean changed was referring to him and the other pigs. Snowball always wanted all the other animals’ lives to be easier, unlike Napolean. Snowball was the biggest challenge for Napoleon to face, he was just as smart and he had the right attitude to make everyone listen and respect him.