We decided to do the News cast. This is arguing if Napoleon is the true leader or if Snowball is.

Language Project!
Imagine that the animals on Manor Farm revolted against the pigs. Conduct a trial of the pigs.
Prepare a newscast of events taking place in and around the farm. You may choose to present it from a human point of view or prepare a newscast designed to be shown to the animals to increase their faith in Animal Farm and its leaders. Your newscast needs to refer to specific events in the novel.
News Cast
Gabby- Male news reporter
Dayna- Boxer and Snowball, Animals!
Brittany- Ronald Weesley, Pigs- Napolean and Squealer, Clover
Rosemary- Female News Reporter
Gabby- I’m Harry Potter and Welcome to Animal Farm News, Where its 1 hour news and 20 second commercials.
Rosemary- And I am Herminie Granger. And this is our Camera man.
Brit- I’m Ronald Weesley and I come from Hogwarts wizardry school.
Rosey- On today’s news we will be interviewing the Pigs from the Animal Farm and see what there actions have done to effect the others. Hello Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer.
Gabby- Now why do you think that you made Animal Farm better than it was with Jones? What did you do to improve the living conditions?
Brit- Well, I am Napolean, the leader of the pigs (cough better than snowball) and I think that I have made many improvements on Animal Farm.
Gabby- So what have you done to make you think that you have made improvements on the Farm?
Brit-(Pigs) Well hmmmm, this is a hard one but I have built a strong alliance with many of the animals and I have successfully built a windmill. Unfortunately snowball destroyed it, but it was still successful because the animals learned how to cooperate with each other and learned how to work together as a team. I have taught the dogs to read and write and many of the animals have picked up a few of those things. I also led the Battle of the Cow Shed and I was the first one who went against Jones. None of this could be possible without me. There is now more food for everyone, less working hours and more luxuries for the animals.
Gabby- Well lets ask some of the animals if this is true or not and what they think about this.
Dayna-(Dogs) We are the dogs. Yeah I think Napoleon is an excellent leader. He has taught a lot about the farm and about keeping the farm in good shape. He chased away that nasty Snowball that we did not like. Napoleon taught us how to read at a young age and how to write the Ten Commandments. He has raised us since we were young (much better than our mother could) and taught us a true life lesson. We didn’t think much before but now that Napoleon has come along hes taught us that everything he does is right. He is a true fatherJ
Gabby- I see that you look up to Napoleon and that he is your role model. Now let’s hear Clovers point of view.
Brittany- (Clover)Napoleon, that name makes me cringe. He chased one of the best leaders that I have ever known in my whole entire life. He made all the animals aware of what was going on. He did not lie or deceive any of us, and he always tried keep us up to date and made sure that he was always there for us. Things at Animal Farm will never be the same, it will always be worse. Napoleon never tells us anything; he does not respect or like us. He just uses abuses and gets rid of us when we are no good. My dear Boxer was sent to the knackers because of him, Boxer worked so hard, but after he became too old to work, it was over for him, he was gone. Napoleon manipulated us from the beginning. He only taught the animals he could use to his advantage to read. (The dogs were his Secret police; they were enforcers of the law.) He never taught us to be literate, or able to understand anything. He only chased Snowball away because Napoleon knew that he was a threat to his authority, and power. I HATE NAPOLEON WITH A FLAMING PASSION!! LL
Rosey- Wow that was interesting….I see you really do dislike him…but who is actually telling truth
Gabby- Right after these commercials well be seeing a few more points of view, see you soon this is Harry Potter whizzing out! J
Commericals- Toothpaste, Uncle Sams Bingo,
Rosey- Welcome back! We missed you A LOT! Now we will be seeing the pig’s point of view
Dayna-(Pigs-Squealer) We think that Napoleon was a more sophisticated leader and has a lot more potential than snowball did. He had the courage and the determination to chase snowball off the farm. He taught us from building the windmill that even though it broke we still learned how to work together and to always persist. He is a excellent leader! And better than snowball can ever me.
Gabby- Well those were some good points. Now we are going to look at one more animal’s point of view. Benjamin take it away.
Dayna(Benjamin)- Life sucks, you know that! So does Napoleon. He made nothing better, sure we get a little bit of a easier life, but that was in the begging. Now there is nothing to be happy for. Napoleon let Snowball come back!
Gabby- I see that there a quite a few different points of view here.
Rosemary- I agree some are in favor of Napoleon and some… well just despise him!
Gabby- Coming up next the trial against the pigs!

Rosemary- We are going to see the real truth behind Animal Farm!
Brittany- after theses commercials!!
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